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25 Years of Exceptional Design & Build

ADA Compliance & Upgrades

Construction has its own set of challenges when dealing with ADA compliance. And quality checks for compliance are an important component of the construction process. ACR has a reliable record for providing ADA-compliant construction, both for new construction, ADA maintenance or ADA remediation construction.


We offer all aspects of concrete work. We have a highly skilled team of concrete finishers that have worked for us for the last 17 years. They are best in the business. ACR has invested in all the newest concrete equipment to ensure a perfect pour every time – concrete finish machines, truss screeds & laser screeds are just a few.

Home Construction & Remodel

We specialize in new home construction and remodels. Our extensive general contracting experience provides ACR with the understanding to successfully complete projects on time and on budget. Working with ACR provides you a more hands on collaboration to envision your dream home.

Surveying & Engineering

Most large parking lots deteriorate due to improper soil drainage and/or soil compaction. ACR goes one step further than other contractors, we not only repair problems, utilizing soil testing and compaction testing we use our expertise to determine and correct the original problem. We have a team of surveyors and engineers that can access any size project. ACR engineers can create a new drainage system or re-design a current one to maximize the life-span of any parking lot project.

Asphalt & Asphalt Overlay

From new roads, driveways, parking lots & highways to overlaying existing materials – no job is too big or too small. We are your general engineering contractor: we do the demo, grading, compaction, install new hot asphalt, roll and compact.

Seal Coating & Striping

Significantly extend the life of your driveway and parking areas with our seal coating. It is a lot less expensive to maintain your pavement than to have to reconstruct it. Seal coating provides protection from natural elements and resists normal damage from gas and oil leaks.


We expect the best to deliver your dreams.

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Customer Focus

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ADA Construction Services

Our philosophy is to create well engineered and aesthetically accessible solutions for our customers with professionalism.


Original design and build project in Los Angeles, California.

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Original design and build project in Orange County, California.

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