A word from Anthony “Tony” Guichard, founder of ACR Design & Build

I have worked in the construction industry since the 1980’s and I have personally done about every trade in this industry. As an owner and designer, I have 35+ of experience to know what works in the field and what does not. In my younger years as my experience grew, I focused on specializing in the concrete foundations of large home developments, industrial and commercial buildings. For a foundation must be precise for all of the other trades build upon it. If the foundation has flaws, then all the trades must make adjustments, the framers, plumbers, etc. One of my favorite sayings has always been, “you must build a strong and precise foundation for if it isn’t right the structure will never be”. I have always found humor in the fact that this same philosophy also apply’ s in life. 

Building homes is quite different than large building projects for it has a much more personalized approach and as a designer builder this is truly my calling. Our team of carpenters, plumbers and other trades have been with us for years and I am proud to say that ACR Design & Build is a family owned and operated business. 

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Our Work

Huntington Harbour Condos – Design & Construction
Lakewood Home – Design & Construction
Fountain Valley (Oak St) Home – Design & Construction
Long Beach Home – Design & Construction
Malibu Home – Design & Construction
Sunset Beach Condos – Design & Construction