ACR Is a full-service general contractor, therefore we do all the work in house: from the demo, grading, compaction, to installing hot asphalt, roll and compact, sealing coating and stripping. Most parking lots must comply with the federal ADA laws and California State building codes and our ADA TEAM is available for CASp inspections, Reports and re-inspections. From new roads, driveways, parking lots to overlaying existing materials – No job is too big or too small. 

Surveying & Engineering:

Most large parking deteriorate due to improper soil drainage and/or soil compaction. ACR goes one step further than other contractors, we not only make the repairs; we address the underlining problem, utilizing soil testing and compaction testing we use our expertise to determine and correct the original problems as to why the drainage failed. We have a team of surveyors and engineers that can access any size project. ACR engineers can create a new drainage system or re-design a current one to maximize that life-scan of any parking lot project.

Seal Coating & Striping:

Seal Coating significantly extends the life of your driveway and parking areas with sealing costing. It is a lot less expensive to maintain your pavement than to have to reconstruct it. Seal coating provides protection form natural elements and resists normal damage from gas and oil leaks. Stripping is a key element in parking demarcation and ADA compliance of a disabled parking space. ADA compliance is far more that paint on the ground and at ACR we have the years of experience as an ADA design and contractor to design ADA compliance on the exterior of any public access building.