Solve Your ADA Property Issues & Lawsuits

ACR provides a complete ADA solution from the CASp inspection, designs with formal plans, building permits, engineering, site surveying, and construction. No other construction company offers design and build expertise like ACR. We utilize our skills in the “as built” arena since many shopping centers, apartment buildings, and public access properties were built before the ADA laws of 1991. ACR has successfully resolved countless ADA property issues either from an ADA lawsuit or being proactive and wanting to support disabled individuals. 

ACR will have one of our certified CASp Inspectors review your commercial property in-person for accessibility issues and DSA oversight that can initial an ADA lawsuit. Hiring ACR to perform a CASP inspection will ensure all ADA accessibility issues will be identified and documented to provide a thorough design plan to remedy all issues. Our team are licensed and certified construction professionals who understand the complexity of state and federal ADA codes with over 35 years of experience.

We Are the ADA Compliance Experts