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Expert ADA Design & Build Solutions

ACR Concrete & Asphalt Construction, Inc. & ACR Design & Build are family owned and operated construction businesses. We are a full service general contracting company – From design, formal plans, construction management, and the construction – all done in house. With over 35 years of experience in all aspects of construction – from custom concrete driveways, ADA compliance construction to multi-million dollar housing projects there isn’t anything we haven’t built [Well, except a bridge], regardless we have the licenses and the skills if ever required.

In the last 10 years we have chosen to be a bit more focused. We have taken all of our extensive construction experience with concrete, asphalt, California building codes and the federal ADA laws to become the forerunner in California to specialize in ADA compliance construction. We provide a full-service solution: the design with formal plans, building permits, engineering, CASp reports and site surveying to the construction. Not many construction companies offer the design & build aspect, and this is where we shine. When the designer is also the builder there are not the gabs or misunderstanding that arise when you have an architect and the separate contractor. ACR utilizes our skills in the “as built” arena since many shopping centers, apartments, public access properties where built before the ADA laws of 1991. We offer a complete solution to your ADA compliance issues whether it be reacting from an ADA lawsuit or being proactive and wanting your property to become ADA Compliant.  Whether the ADA issue is the exterior or the interior ACR is your ADA Compliance Contractor.

The other aspect of what we do is Custom homes and remodels. This really takes us back to our roots – When we started this company, we wanted to be the best Concrete foundation contractor in Southern California – we worked for many large home developers, industrial and commercial building developers. We built a lot of foundations and then using our years of experience started our own housing development and building projects. Construction work is about planning, performance & execution in an organized and skilled manor. ACR Approaches Home building the exact and precise way we approach managing large projects. We provide the design, formal architectural plans that allows us to obtain the building permits. This saves our clients a considerable savings and available time by not hiring architects and engineers. As a design build construction company we perform all tasks in house solving any potential problems with the design before actually being on site.

It is a fact that a foundation must be precise for all other trades must build upon the foundation. If the foundation has flaws, then all the other trades must make adjustments, the framer, plumbers, etc. One of our favorite sayings in this business has always been, “you must build a strong and precise foundation for if it isn’t right the structure will never be”. This same philosophy also applies in life!

Building custom homes is quite different than large building projects for it has a much more personalized approach and as design builders this is our calling. Our team of carpenters, plumbers and other trades have been with us for years and therefore we find success when other contractors don’t. We are proud that every employee and contractor that works for and with us over the years has become part of our ACR family.

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